* By the fact that the human languages does contains quite
 amount of subjects of studies, one of subject translation (one to
 one, one to multiple) may not able to support at the moment. As
 well as further explanation on a subject and an object is not able
 to provide through the website.  

* This website might not support all the stages as well as levels.

* General playing (guitars) style is based on improvise/jazz 
 and can able to approach some other musics/sounds in the
 arts industries & art fields. Ask all the questions, inquiries
 at sanghunkim.com@gmail.com in English and/or 한글. 

* Social media(s) and contact info,
  • Skype: sanghunkim.com@gmail.com
  • Telegram: https://t.me/sanghunkim

* Official email has been changed from 
 sk@sanghunkim.com to sanghunkim.com@gmail.com. 
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I am here in this time. Coexisting in time. This time can be in the
past as well as modern times, and refers to the present age as a
musician who writes, performs, or makes music, and also can be
classified by his own role in creating or performing music. The
music can be characterized by a desire for or belief in progress
using the past, or common practice from studying, reflection,
speculation, or asking and answering questions with regard to a
variety of different ideas in the most narrow sense-- whatever is in
my mind based on my experience and education for the theoretical and practical understanding of a subject. In other
contexts, ideas are taken to be the concepts, even though abstract or avant-garde.

Sometimes the player can reach a deeper side than the composer,
and suggesting space to the improviser. And sometimes the
improviser offers one other gate to the composer, and proffers
different angles of space to the player. And sometimes the
composer proposes altered elements to them for extending their
abilities, based on two biggest sources of knowledge in music with
substantial personal interest. And there's some flexible
subordinates each of the categories but these are most significant
roots where I mainly stay.